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NBA suspends Green: LeBron criticism of Klay Thompson and women … Curry

Draymond Green can not play the fifth game of the Finals . The NBA has suspended power forward for the Warriors when reviewing images of his pique with LeBron James : considers his hit in the crotch of the star of the Cavaliers deserves to be punished for flagrant foul.

With this, Green has four flagrant in these playoffs, which entails suspension: can not play or be in the pavilion during the game. A sanction that has unleashed a cascade of reactions.

"There are players who all the while doing trash talking (comments to rile) are passed. I am shocked to see that some take it personally " , he says Klay Thompson defending Draymond Green , who was also accused of seeking tickle LeBron with trash talking . " I do not know how it feels (LeBron). It is clear that people have feelings and sometimes we hurt them with some expletive. I guess he struck the sentiminetos. Atodos have told us all on a track, but some react differently " .

These words of Klay Thompson has reached the ears of LeBron , who replied laughingly: "Oh my God. I will not comment on what you said Klay because I know where it leads. It is very difficult to catch the road to success. I've been doing for 13 years. It is very difficult to continue to do so but I will do it again " .

And the next replica has made ​​women of Stephen Curry , Ayesha , on his Twitter account (@ayeshacurry): "Road to success. The invisible bridge used to pass over a person when everything has a free hand to the right and left " . Get Locker codes to get unlimited vc in the game NBA 2K17 from here

The fifth game, the next morning in Oakland , presents warm …

The analysis of NBA 2k17 arrives in the best possible circumstances, with the passion for basketball in full swing in our country, after achieving the gold medal by the Spanish team in the Eurobasket 2016. The tournament was a great protagonist , and it was none other than Pau Gasol , precisely the player who drink the cover of the game in these parts , accompanied by his brother Marc. at 35 years, the power forward Chicago Bulls marveled half the world with a succession of exhibitions for the story, and something similar happens with the saga of Visual Concepts , which takes on the courts since 1999 and never tires of accumulating championship rings. His dynasty is such that, for three years, did throw in the towel to a virtual sports giant like EA Sports, whose NBA Live was nothing but a wimp before her.

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